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Welcome to Covid-19 Hotspots Project

It would be great if we have a map of Covid-19 hotspots and symptoms across every zipcode in the United States. Many people have voiced their desire to find out these hotspots for various reasons. This service is built to crowdsource Covid-19 symptoms information from public to build out this hotspot map. The data collected could potentially be used by researchers in understanding the spread.

Text us your symptoms and zipcode to 415-200-2449

Example: Fever, Dry Cough 95051

Data collected will be shown here

Thank you for helping our community in this time of need.

This is a hackathon project built by Wei Shung Chung and Joe Tang during April 4th Covid-19 Online Hackathon organized by AI For Mankind.

Note: You may incur messaging costs from your carrier.

Please scan the QR code below to make donation to keep this Covid19Hotspot service up and running

Please donate to keep this Covid19Hotspot service up and running

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